Dear Parents,

Welcome to our next newsletter for Kindy, 2022 – a very brief one before the end of term. Please note the special End of Term Surprise Dress-up Party. Shhhh!!!

You may have noticed that your precious Kindy babe is showing a few signs of being tired. It has been a term full of highs and lows, but the Kindy friends have coped beautifully. Three more Kindy days, and then a well and truly deserved rest! We have said “good-bye” to some friends – sadly, now including Satvik, who has had to go to Perth and “bon voyage” to others. We will be welcoming back Taylor, and then Sophia next term, as well as receiving a new Kindy friend called Ellis. I know you will all help him, and his family settle into his new school. This now brings our total back to a delightful 14, with 4 boys and 10 girls.

End of Term High-Tea Party: As the Queen has sadly passed and her day of mourning is on Thursday, I thought a surprise High-Tea Party on Wednesday 21 Sept, at 2:00pm would be a nice way to finish the term for the Kindy friends. They will get a special invite on Tuesday with a special gift to keep, and wear for Wed. The children can come dressed as the Queen or the King ( or just wearing their special gift, if you wish). You are more than welcome to attend as the waiter for your child- where you will serve them their food and fruit as any good butler would! Don’t forget your gloves!!! Your Queen or King deserves the best 🙂

Inquiry Time: The term has finished off with us heading around Australia (like Taylor). We read the story “Possum Magic” and have enjoyed it so much we decided to set up our own caravan and car in the Kindy campground. We acted as the characters Grandma Poss and Hush, looked at different things you might see in Australia, as well as tasted some of the foods from the story which the character Hush ate. It’s been fun… just a couple more foods to taste… Hmmm! Not sure about steak and salad, but we’ll see. The Kindy friends can be very persuasive!!!

Health: The children have heard lots of stories, and sung songs, using body parts. We have been learning it is OK to say “No” and learning about safe touching. We don’t hurt our friends/family (eg not biting, kicking etc); ask to touch someone’s hair, and so on. “Recognising Abuse” is the topic from the “Keeping Safe” curriculum.

Just a reminder that the last day of Term 3 at Kindy is Wednesday, 21st September. Term 4 begins on Monday, 10th October. 

Enjoy the holidays, when they get here, as hopefully the weather begins to warm up!

Kindest regards,

 Di Prideaux

 Kindy Teacher