St Matthew’s School Band, 2023.

Welcome to 2023 at St Matthew’s School.  I am excited to begin a new adventure with the band students.  All interested students in Years 4-6 are encouraged to prepare an audition if they wish to try out for our school band.  Auditions will begin next Wednesday, and it might take a few weeks to get through them all.

The instruments available to audition for include bass guitar, rhythm guitar (electric or acoustic) keys/piano, vocals, and drums.  Students are to prepare a short audition to showcase their skills.

I will extend their musicianship; however, it is beneficial to have some basic skills on their chosen instrument.  For example, if they are auditioning on guitar, they should be able to fluently change at least three chords and play a simple strum pattern.

Basic skills and a terrific attitude are all the students need.  We will be having band lessons each Wednesday between 2:10 – 3pm. We work hard all year, and the band showcases our accomplishments at a concert in Term Four.

Please discuss this with your children and encourage them to have a go. Even if they think they might not get selected, the audition process is valuable, and I endeavour to make it a positive experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions.

Fiona Hastie