At St Matthew’s we are dedicated to providing opportunities for our students to develop their gifts and talents. Children are chosen to take part in activities/events based on their aptitude and personal interests.

This term, selected students from Years Three to Six will participate in a five-week-long Mathematics enrichment project. The selection process involved the triangulation of data from a variety of sources including PAT Maths results (top 20% of class), class assessments and teacher judgement.

This project will begin in Week 5 and will involve a 50-minute session once a week. The Year Three-Four session will be at 1:20pm each Monday, and the Year Five-Six session will be at 2:10pm. During these sessions, students will explore and critique an array of mathematics games. They will then spend time creating their own mathematics board or card games and will embed maths concepts that have been explored.

If your child is selected to participate in this enrichment opportunity, you will receive notification today. Please direct any questions regarding this project to