Good afternoon parents and carers,

Meka and I are very excited about the collaborative Design and Technology project for Year 5&6.

We have been researching the best vegetables and bush tucker to plant in our area. Students will also draw up a budget to calculate how much will be needed to spend on seeds or seedlings, fertilizer and other equipment.

We would like to ask for donations of seeds or seedlings, garden gloves, spades and some fertilizer.

We are very lucky to have access to four garden beds to plant the bushtucker and vegetables in. The garden beds are 2.3 meters in length, 90 cm in width and 90 cm deep. Two of the garden beds are about half full, but the other two have to be moved and filled. Would anyone be able to provide enough soil to fill those two garden beds please? Please contact myself or Meka if you are able to provide the soil.

Any other donations can be sent to school next week.

Thank you in advance.