Dear Kindy Parents and Carers, 

It has been lovely to see our beautiful Kindy students practising for the musical showcase “A Walk Through Disneyland” on Thursday 13 June. We are aware that Thursdays are not Kindy school days; however, we would love our Kindy friends to join us for the matinee performance at 11:00am. Please take note of the following information:

 Wednesday 12 June – Whole School Dress Rehearsal 11:30am 

  • Students will get dressed in their costumes at school, prior to walking to the Narrogin Town Hall at 11:00am. This includes Kindy students. 
  • Students return to school at approximately 1:00pm. 
  • Students will conclude the day at 3:00pm as usual. 

 Thursday 13 June Matinee Performance – 11:00am 

  • Kindy students are encouraged to join this performance, but it is not an expectation. 
  • Kindy parents can drop Kindy students directly to the Reception Centre (next to Town Hall) at 10:45am. 
  • Kindy parents are welcome to pick up their children directly from the Town Hall at approximately 12:30pm. 
  • Students will take their costumes home. 

 Thursday 13 June Evening Performance – 6:00pm 

  • Kindy students may join this performance, but it is not an expectation. Please let the class teacher know if you would like them to be involved. 
  • Students will need to come dressed in their costumes to the Reception Centre (next to Town Hall) at 5:45pm.          
  • Parents to collect their children from the Reception Centre as directed at the end of the performance. Children will only be released to their own parents unless class teachers have been informed in writing of an alternative arrangement. 

To ensure that all our parents can attend the 6:00pm performance, each family is limited to 4 tickets. These can be booked by phoning 98539500 or emailing   There will be no charge for the tickets, but families are encouraged to make a small donation on the evening of the performance. All proceeds will be shared between Divine You and St Vincent de Paul. 

 Audience members do not need to book for the 11:00am show, however, there will be no allocated seating for this performance. 

 Thanking you, 

 Susan Milton