A reminder that there will be a St Matthew’s P & F Meeting tonight, Monday 20/02, at 6:00pm. All parents/guardians welcome. It would be wonderful if at least one P&F Rep from each year level was able to attend. Babysitting is available – please contact the school to register numbers. We look forward to seeing you there.

ZOOM link if you are unable to attend in person:

Topic: St Matthew’s P&FTime: Feb 20, 2023 06:00 PM PerthJoin Zoom Meetinghttps://au01.z.antigena.com/l/8atfAkcmqqEWpC_kkVLe-7qlHVb8g78lY~eHHPKHzYOgGj0YJ9TimjTibQVxgQK4ipMPvxGfGeGME0WcnCPpl-LDOO2SQlTT8GybjghH2DWgU27Zw0ikX-WYj-3A-mAL-pqfpWupiANodtcuwc4CmpuYaSJlTHFp3aybyylJuEAk-PqqW8z~~SbmW9bCPE3zwLsuyCEp6mtezDHJlWFAMeeting ID: 789 8366 9946Passcode: NN7qMs