13th August 2023

Faction Athletics Carnival 2023

Dear Parents,

The St Matthew’s School Faction Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 31st August at Thomas Hogg Oval on Bannister Street, Narrogin. Students from Years 1- 6 will arrive at the carnival by bus at approximately 9:10am, with the carnival starting shortly after.

Each child will need to wear his/her sports uniform, ensuring that the correct faction colour shirt is worn. Students need to bring their jumpers, hats, suncream, recess food, lunch and water bottles.

The P&F have kindly offered to run a snack stall for morning tea. You can still purchase your lunch as per the updated canteen procedure for the 31st August (see school app for more canteen information). During lunch, the children will be able to sit with their families. Parents must collect their children from the bays and return them to the bays at the end of lunch. Your children must remain with you and not run around or practise events.

Each child from Year One to Six will be given a programme of events, highlighted with the events he/she is in. If your child is in events 1 – 28, please be aware that he/she will need to wear his/her sports uniform on Tuesday 29th August as these events will take place at school then.

On Thursday 31st, the carnival should conclude around 2:40pm. Parents will be able to take their children home at this time if they wish, but must sign them out with child’s classroom teacher.

If your child is unable to attend on the day, can you please inform me via email at your earliest convenience to assist in the planning of events.

Parental assistance on the day is essential for the carnival to run smoothly. If you would like to help, please contact me at school (email below). I will need helpers for both Jumps and Throws on the 29th August and the main events on the 31st August.

Sincere Thanks,

Antonio Muto