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 Sand Masters

This week we held our first collective competition. We had some very impressive sand creations and it was particularly lovely to see families working together on their entries. Photos of the winning Sand Masters have been added to our Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Keep an eye out for next term’s challenge.

Term Two Assemblies

We are bravely planning to conduct an online assembly every second Friday at 9:00am. We are still working out exactly how this will work so will provide more information Week One next term.


Karinya Nursing Home

This week we were informed that the residents of Karinya Nursing Home are not able to have visitors at the moment. You can imagine that this would make it a very lonely and isolating experience for them. We invited our St Matthew’s community to make cards, letters, craft items and pictures that we could drop off to Karinya to brighten someone’s day. I was thrilled by the number of items that came our way. These will be dropped off and shared with the residents on Monday. A big thank you to all of our families for taking this opportunity to reach out to someone in need.

In order to share the love even further, we have now extended this invitation to the greater Narrogin community in this week’s Narrogin observer. Please feel free to drop additional homemade items to St Matthew’s office after the school holidays.


What’s Happening to “Alice in Wonderland Jr”?

Everything is obviously on hold for the moment. In Term One, I managed to complete all of the auditions, and distribute the scripts. The classes have all begun to learn their songs. Prop construction and introductory choreography has been organised. I am in a good position to continue with the show if there is an opportunity. Obviously no-one knows how long we will be in this holding position, but if there is any way that I can get the show happening, I will endeavour to do that for our students. This cohort of Year 5 and 6 children have been waiting years for their time to shine, and I would like nothing more than see them on the stage. In the meantime, those students who have lines and solo songs to learn should continue to dedicate some time to learning their parts.

Fingers crossed,

Fiona Hastie

Music Specialist

St Matthew's School Narrogin

St Matthew's School Narrogin

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