St Matthew’s School Narrogin

St Matthew’s School Narrogin

Congratulations to Our Most Impressive Readers, Writers and Mathematicians

During the last assembly, we were very proud to award the best and most improved reader in each class Year 1 to Year 6; the students who achieved the greatest growth and the best overall achievement in Maths in Year 5 and Year 6; and the winners of the Peter Scott Literacy Awards for writing.



Year Level Top Most Improved
Year 1 Braemer  Faith 
Year 2 Orla  Jordanna
Year 3 Jackson Blake
Year 4 Elisha Vien
Year 5 Pia Kaylee
Year 6 Maka Daniel


Year Level Top Most Improved
Year 5 Pia  Bramuel
Year 6 Kate Daniel


The following lists our Peter Scott Literacy Award shortlisted students in order from 1st place in each year level:


Year Level  Student Name Story Title
1 Lucy The Magic Bubble and Pin
  Braemer Bubble Story for Free
  Ane The Monkey
  Darcy The Dragon and the Talking Bubble
  Hannah The Bubble and the Mermaid
2 Isaac The Epic Adventure
  Milly Far from Home
  Orla The Magic Bubble Machine
3 Gianni Bubble House
  Blake Bubble King
  Jackson Gooey Ghost Bubbles
  Sara The Bubble Disease 
  Mercy The Bubbles under Water
4 Elisha Bubble Trouble
  Ekam  Chloe’s Big Adventure
  Mia Cold Boy
  Lisa The Bubble Monster
  Charlie S The Two Brilliant Explorers
5 Jenaveve Schools vs bubbles
  Adam Speedway in a bubble
  Samantha Caught in a Bubble
  Sierra The Old Fashion Bubble Machine
  Louis Bubble’s Mysterious Ditch
6 Mia Bubbles the Pug
  Lubuto Bubbles in Mind
  Isla The Bubble Attack
  Kate Revenge Bubbles

Kindy Concert Tuesday November 30

The Kindy Christmas Concert was held on Wednesday 30 November at 6.00pm. The children presented their play beautifully and then energetically sang a couple of Christmas carols. They were then presented with their Kindy certificates, work sample book and a gift from the Kindy. Proud families stayed for a picnic or barbecue dinner on the grass area outside the Sr Isabel Hall. It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of our Kindy year.

Year 6 Graduation

Our Year Six students had their Graduation last Wednesday 7 December at 6:00pm in Sr Isabel Library. These students embraced every opportunity to enhance and build their leadership skills over the year, and have contributed enthusiastically to all aspects of school life.We wish all of our wonderful graduating students well as they continue their learning journey.

Each year, St Matthew’s School acknowledges particular students through our Awards of Excellence. These students have demonstrated ability and character beyond their tender years, and exemplify what it means to be a St Matthew’s School Student. Each student will received a special certificate and prize in recognition of the gifts and talents they have shared with our school community.

The Endeavour award is presented to the student who is mature, and shows initiative. This student hands assignments in on time, is methodical, persistent and patient. They never fail to give their absolute best, and whether faced with success or failure, they hold their head high. This year our Endeavour award was sponsored by the Honourable Darren West MLC Member for the Agricultural Region. The winner of the 2022 Endeavour Award was Kate.

The Science Award is presented to the student who has shown curiosity about the world around him or her and a desire to experiment and investigate. This student has used the scientific process to problem solve and extend his or her knowledge, but, above all, has demonstrated consistent passion and enthusiasm for science throughout the year.  The 2022 Science Award recipient was Hadassah.

The Arts Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm and passion for The Arts. They have achieved notable results in this Learning Area throughout the year, and have shown enthusiasm, passion, and genuine enjoyment in the Arts area. This year our Arts award was sponsored by Peter Rundle MP, Member for Roe. The 2022 Arts Award recipient was Courtney.

The Literacy Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated outstanding results in this area throughout the year. The recipient has shown enthusiasm and passion for literature and a genuine enjoyment of the literacy. The 2022 Literacy Award recipient was Maka.

The Mathematics Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated outstanding results in this area throughout the year. The recipient has shown enthusiasm and passion for Mathematics, and a genuine enjoyment of the Mathematics area. The 2022 Mathematics Award recipient was AJ.

The Sportsmanship Award is presented to the student who has displayed outstanding qualities as a team player. They participate in all activities constantly giving their best and encouraging others along the way. Whether they win or lose, they congratulate the opposition and recognise true values of sport: respect, fairness, and equality. They conduct themselves in a way that enhances not their personal stature, but that of the team. The 2022 Sportsmanship Award recipients were Oliver and Ifeoma.

The Christian Service award is presented for kind, caring and thoughtful behaviour. The student chosen for this award is generous and shows a genuine concern for others. The recipient is helpful and leads by example. Christian leaders at St Matthew’s show respect, reverence, responsibility and resilience. This year our Christian Leadership Award was provided by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions to honour the legacy of the Founding Sisters. The student received a special medallion as well as $100 provided by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. The 2022 Christian Leadership Award recipient is Isla.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the parents and friends who helped set up and pack down the Hall. It looked amazing!!


Staff vs Student Game

The Year 6 students had an amazing time playing soccer against the staff on Wednesday 7 December. This tradition has been part of St Matthew’s School for a very long time and is always welcomed by both staff and students. As is mysteriously the case every year, teachers won!!


Honour Certificate



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