St Matthew’s School Narrogin

St Matthew’s School Narrogin

Chess Tournament

After 11 weeks of fierce competition, the St Matthew’s School Chess Competition reached its epic conclusion last week when Fox (Year 6) and Charlie (Year 4) faced off in the Grand Final. With over 40 students participating in the tournament from Year 1 to Year 6, a large crowd gathered in the library to witness the non-stop action. Charlie began strongly advancing aggressively down the board, while Fox opted for a defensive approach, unfortunately losing his queen in the process. While Charlie pushed for an early checkmate, Fox capitalised and captured Charlie’s queen to even the score. As pieces fell by the wayside, and pawns were promoted, the silence of the crowd was deafening. In what proved to be an epic match of the ages, Charlie prevailed over Fox to take the 2022 crown.

Charlie and Fox, along with the two other semi-finalists, Samuel (Year 2) and Evan (Year 5) will now participate in the CEWA Interschool Chess Tournament held later this term. Well done, boys.

Speedway Legends

Congratulations to Adam (Yr 5) and Lucas (Yr 6) for their Speedway achievements on Saturday, 1 October. Very impressive!! Also, definitely  worth noting that Lucas also won the encouragement award (good sportsmanship award).

Narrogin Show Display

Such a beautiful display!!



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