St Matthew's School Narrogin

St Matthew's School Narrogin

Meet the Staff


Year Level


Education Assistant

Play Café

Caryn Tenney

Meredith Beckwith (Fri – am)


Claire Graham

Jodie Blyth


Di Prideaux

Adele Maartens (Thurs & every second Friday)

Sr Sahaya

Meredith Beckwith (Wed)

Year One

Ashleigh Evans

Meredith Beckwith

Year Two

Stephanie Boyer


Year Three

Jane Dyke

Monique DÁlton (Fri)

Bianca Annear

Year Four

Mark Collins

Jessie Allington (Thu, Fri)


Year Five

Ben Quartermaine


Year Six

Mark Tenny

Colleen Quartermaine


Music (Mon/Wed)

Fiona Hastie


Physical Education (Tues/Thurs)

Linda Kilpatrick



Science -Tues AM, Wed, Thurs

Monique D’Alton


Mini Lit/Support

Meredith Beckwith


Multi Lit/Support

Tues – Thu

Sascha Keppel


Administration Support

Tues – Thu

Sascha Keppel


Finance Officer

Jen D’Arcy


Administration  (Fri/Thurs PM)

Library (Tues/Thurs AM)

Jenny Ong



Jeff Slattery


Assistant Principals

Mark Tenney

Mark Collins



Sue Milton



St Matthew’s School has a deep and lasting concern to provide educational opportunities that enable each child to grow as God intends.

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