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Synod in Rome on 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Pope Francis has announced that there is to be a Synod in Rome on 2023 on ‘synodality’- listening and dialogue at all levels of the Church from parishes and dioceses to the Vatican. In preparation for this synod, there is to be synodal dialogue at all levels of the Church between now until then.

 More information on this synod will be given in 2022.  The process in Australia has been modified in the light of the extensive discussions that have been going on in Australia in preparation for the Plenary Council.

 The first step

The first step in the consultation is the opportunity for individuals and groups to pray and respond to questions from Rome. Responses need to be submitted by 22 February.  This is not an ideal date for the southern hemisphere but is an extension of an earlier date from Rome.

Parishes have the consultation materials for individuals and groups and these can be sought from there.

I encourage all to participate in the world wide consultation which will impact upon future decision making in the Church across the world.  

 In conclusion, the first fruits of our own Synod will be implemented next year. The process for developing materials has been challenging and delayed by Covid related challenges.  

 God bless, Bishop Gerard.


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